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Sunday, January 3, 2010

GREETINGS! Almost a year since our last post! For those of you who haven't seen us for awhile I chopped my hair off and Kurt got accepted to Medical School in Philadelphia.
Just kidding!
Basically a lot has happened since our last post.

In August my little brother Dillon was called to the Manchester, New Hampshire Mission!
He is doing really well! We were able to talk to him on Christmas and at the end of the phone call he had everyone in tears! He has grown so much, and we are so proud of him!

Labor Day weekend we kept pretty busy we had my family party in Garrison where we had our usual activities: dancing, barbecuing, and eating homemade root beer & ice cream! mmm.....

I am proud to say I am the LIMBO CHAMPION!
27" Baby!

We then went to Holiday up Nephi Canyon for
Kurt's family party where we played games,
and road four-wheelers.
As you can see it was pretty dusty, but tons
of fun!

I got a gift card to Famous Daves to dine for my BIRTHDAY!
Big 22

Getting together with friends for a bridal shower!

Playing games at G&G Lindstroms

Boys watching football


Halloween we were
Gomez & Morticia Adams. We went to the ward party and nobody recognized us!

We changed our costumes up to go to a party with some friends as Hot Tamales!

2009 Christmas Party at the Ashby's

Pics with our cute nephews.





We went to dinner and then watched New Moon!
Are you an Edward or Jacob fan?



There are a few pics to update you with us. Kurt has one more semester at Weber and then we will be moving to Philadelphia in July for him to start school in August. He will be attending Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine.
We are really excited to be moving to Philadelphia but also a little nervous, honestly I don't think it has hit us quite yet!

Hope all of you had a great Holiday Season!
Happy 2010

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh where to start we haven't updated in awhile. So much has happened including erasing the blog and having to retype everything again..... ( Can we say FRUSTRATING) Kurt just finished up school for the summer. It's sure nice to have him around to do some house work! (Might I add he is pretty good at it too!!) I am busy as every with work. They recently just trained me to take over the accounts payable, and basically anything that has to deal with money at our facility. (Yes it's a little stressful at times.)

We try to go to Delta as often as possible. We actually made it to Delta this past weekend. We went to a derby that was sponsored by the football team, the weather was great the derby was average compared to others we have seen. Saturday morning we were able to get together with friends and family to play some volleyball. Whoever thought exercising could be so fun? We played for about three hours and were completely exhausted. After visiting with family at the cemetery on Monday we got together for a barbecue and then played some softball with Kurt's family and mine. We are thinking we need to make softball a Memorial Day weekend tradition.

I am so excited for summer and the warm weather it brings. I am SOOOOO tired of the bitter cold. To keep things from getting monotonous at home we play games, usaully Yatzee, Farcoal, Phase 10, Racko, etc. And obviously we watch tons movies. I don't think I could even tell you how many movies we watch. For exercise we recently played volleyball on a team my work sponsored and now we are onto softball. Not to boast or anything but I think our team is about one degree above pathetic.

Well that is a quick update for ya, hopefully we will get better at updating this more frequently!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Visiting Gardner Village!

Friday, December 5, 2008

GGrandma and I were sure busy cooking up yummy treats! We made two loaves of bread, cinnamon rolls, fudge, pumpkin cookies, and started pooring molds for mugs and nativities!
I learned so much, Grandma is so talented!!

Grandma and I eating our yummy treats we made, while Kurt and Grandpa went to the BYU game to get sunburns!!

Getting together with Grandpa and Grandma Lindstrom!

(Left to Right) Ben, Sean, ME, Kurt)
Meeting up after watching Sean in the play Urinetown!
He did a great job, and it was really funny!
At work we all dressed up as animals! Our boss is named Jeff Love so he was the farmer and we were his animals! It was a lot of fun, the patients coming in for surgery were a little suspicious of how their surgery was going to end up!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


We decided to go home to Delta for Halloween and have a party with some old friends! We all dressed up and had a great time! We played games, ping pong, foos ball, basektball & football throw! We hadn't seen some of these friends for quite awhile it was good to catch up! Kelly Callister returned home from his mission Oct. 28th so Kurt was pretty excited to see him!