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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well......... after so long we finally fell into starting a blog!!

As far as an update on us.... I am working on getting some studying done for the first round of tests this week. School is going really well. Pretty stressful, but good. Work is great! for those of you who don't know where I am working... I work at Ogden Vision Center, in the lab. basically anything that has to do with glasses I would take care of. Kristie and I have been keeping pretty busy, but we still find time to get umm... at least 4 movies a week in... lol I know... that is a lot, but if you know me... you know that I NEVER watch movies....jk!!! and it is pretty great because Kristie likes watching them as much as I do... well almost... She is good that way... And for any of you who are going to ask "So how is married life?" , ... DON'T!!! We are doing great! It is wonderful being married, but that question, I swear, is still going to be brought forth when we are 60 and have 35 kids!!! lol just kidding but for those of you who have been married know exactly what I am talking about! LOL So yeah, that is about it... as we speak we are watching a movie so I am going to get back to that.. .but I just thought that we should give you an update and let you know that we are going to try this "blogging" thing.... So be patient with us and hopefully it goes well...


Quinn and Kristan said...

Hey guys!
Glad you started a blog! Hopefully now we can keep in touch better! By the way how is married life? JOKE!! We got that all the time when we were first married so I know exactly what you are talking about. Kurt I think you have beat Quinn on the movies per week record! I didn't think there was anyone who loved movies more than Quinn! :) Love you guys!!

Gentry said...

hey hey hey I am so happy that you made a blog finally!!!You better add me on your link list. I already added up on mine! love ya. GGG

Alan said...

Hey Lindstrom!
How's uh... You seriously took away my best question. So I'll just assume it's alright.

Kinderbelle said...

I am so glad you guys started a blog!! They are way fun...and addicting! It will be great to keep up with you through your blog! :)

Dallas said...

Welcome to the blog world! It will be great keeping up with you guys better now. It was great to see you last weekend. You looked great!

Camrin said...

How fun to be a part of all of us bloggers! Looks like you guys have a lot of people who want to keep in touch with the freshly married couple. You will have to keep us all posted on how you are doing. :)
BTW I didn't ever get to tell you two that I really enjoyed your talent up at the family reunion. I didn't realize you both sang. I think that is AWESOME!!! Hope all is well with you while you continue to go to school.
aka Cousin Cami

Rhonda said...

Hi There! I'm excited to see your blog. I finally just started my blog too. It will be fun to keep in closer touch with the family. Now to get the old parents going on a blog. I'm living proof it can happen.
Aunt Rhonda