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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well as you can tell we dressed up as Wilma and Fred Flinstone for Halloween!! It was so much fun! My mom (Kim) had made these costumes years ago and my parents had worn them, so we decided to try them out!! We had tons of fun! I don't know about you but I am thinking RED is the new BLONDE!!! & how about some facial hair on Kurt! He could totally pull it off!!


Taylors said...
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Taylors said...

WILMA!!! (: You guys are looking good!Hows everything going for you guys? We still need to get together it's been too long!Peyten hasn't seen you guys yet, she is surely missing out being around you crazy couple. Anyways keep in touch and happy Holidays!

sean said...

How did I not see these SOONER? Oh, cuz I suck at checking blogs and such. That's how. I'm glad this happened. It's kinda wonderful. I think it should happen again...like on some random Wednesday.